20 Affirmation ideas

I’ve been using affirmations on and off for the last five years. Lately, I’ve returned to this method and practiced it often. I either listen to Louise Hey’s videos or write my own

9 Signs of toxic positivity

This is a topic that often gets overlooked in the realm of personal development – toxic positivity. While positivity is important, there’s a thin line between genuine optimism and the kind that can

3 Limiting Beliefs that cause suffering

Belief 1: Approval This belief suggests that our worth is dependent on the approval of others. Individuals holding this belief often find themselves seeking acceptance and belonging while fearing judgment and rejection. Signs

Financial Struggles and Empowering Change

In life, we see two groups: those who struggle with money and those without financial difficulties. Specific characteristics and habits define both these groups. Characteristics of people struggling with Money: They perceive having