I chose Kickstart based on my previous one-on-one experience with Maya, which gave excellent results. This group coaching surpassed my expectations, offering a remarkable learning experience with interactive and enjoyable sessions, and introducing me to new friends. As a result, I now possess greater clarity, motivation, and self-confidence, and I’ve developed a genuine love for myself and my life, experiencing joy every day. I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of group work, which proved to be incredibly beneficial.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who values personal development and desires to become the best version of themselves. Throughout this journey, I’ve learned that, despite life’s challenges, we can all live happily and fulfilled lives. Taking responsibility for our growth can lead to amazing transformations and opportunities.

Aleksandra, Frankfurt

This course is a great sublimation of techniques and methods of personal development. Here you will find the motivation to define and achieve higher goals in life and connect with like-minded women. We shared many ideas and experiences among each other. We enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere during the sessions and spent quality time together. My personal gains from this course are better discipline and increased motivation. Also, I met some incredible women. I am taking new habits around the routines, personal development work, and the goals setting process from this course. 

I recommend this course to anyone wanting to work on themselves.

Ana, Germany

Before I met you, Maya, I never considered taking any coaching courses because coaching seemed mainstream nowadays, and I’m not a fan of mainstream approaches 😊 However, it was enough for me to watch one of your videos and attend two group sessions to decide that I wanted you as my mentor. I chose this course because of you, your energy, strength, and the love you infuse into your work. Kickstart was simply amazing!

It helped me understand myself better, and I’ve adopted habits like morning and evening routines, meditation, and expressing gratitude. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to find themselves and take charge of their life.

Angjelka, Germany

I give Kickstart five stars. I received answers to all of my questions and a precise plan to achieve the results I wanted. Earlier I didn’t know where to start or how to organize my time. During the sessions, I felt trusted and calm. I knew I was in the right place to get the answers I needed.

My takeaways from Kickstart are organization of the day, an increase in my productivity, defined goals, and the steps I need to take to achieve those goals.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to take control of their life back. If you are looking for someone trustworthy, objective, and encouraging, you should go to Maya for mentoring.

Anita, Bihac

Kickstart is fantastic! It brought strength, energy, passion, motivation, and essential ‘aha’ moments. Before joining, I hesitated due to my busy schedule, but after witnessing the quality content on Facebook, Instagram, and coffee sessions with Maya, I had no doubts. The sessions were inspiring, peaceful, and motivating, helping me pursue my dreams.

The course fulfilled my need for constant inspiration, improving my morning routine and self-discovery. I learned that persistence pays off, and setting boundaries is vital.

Organizing my days, weeks, and months has become a habit. The course is a great opportunity for those seeking change and guidance.

I highly recommend this course and have already shared my achievements to motivate others. 

Bibi, Greece

Kickstart has been a life-changing experience! I give it a solid 10/10. The group work gave me motivation and introduced me to like-minded individuals. Before joining, I lacked structure and motivation to implement what I learned. But now, I have a solid morning routine, improved organization, and rediscovered my passion for meditation. This course helped me gain discipline in all areas of my life, and I’m excited about the future. I highly recommend it to anyone starting their personal development journey.


Kickstart was a game-changer for me, and I rate it 10/10. It helped me regain control of my life and apply my teachings effectively. I had doubts before joining, but my connection with Maya made the decision easy.

The sessions were positive, connecting me with like-minded individuals striving for similar goals.

The most significant result: Incorporating daily positive affirmations and morning exercises, being more accountable, and embracing new opportunities.

I’ll keep working on self-care as a takeaway. This course benefits anyone seeking direction, connection, and self-improvement. I highly recommend Kickstart for its positive environment, daily routine, and supportive community.

Chantelle, Great Britain

I was just starting to quit personal development, and I am so glad I found this course. There was too much information in other courses, and I couldn’t understand all of that. I was a little afraid that this course would be like that as well. Kickstart is the best.

Luckily it turned out to be very clear, specific and I really understood everything. I am successfully implementing the methods I learned. I got clarity, simple methods, and tools that are not taking too much of my time. 

I would certainly recommend this course to anyone confused by the methods.

Duska, Germany

Kickstart to be in control of your life is truly incredible! This course introduced me to something completely new, and I embraced it with enthusiasm to change my life. It made me realize the importance of self-work and taking charge.

Before joining, I felt lost and questioned my worthiness for this opportunity. Choosing Kickstart was eye-opening, showing me a different world beyond my own.

The sessions were phenomenal, offering surprises and valuable knowledge daily. The course helped me become aware of my hidden aspects and priorities.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking constant growth and change.

Elena N.

Kickstart to be in control of your life is an outstanding course that truly transformed me. I struggled with low self-confidence and poor time management, always procrastinating tasks. Discovering Maya and her inspiring story through ‘Coffee with Maya’ episodes, I knew there was something valuable to learn from her.

The sessions were engaging, energizing, and incredibly rewarding. I felt fulfilled, lighter, and bursting with newfound energy after each session.

The course taught me that “Only the sky is the limit.” I now realize the areas I need to work on for genuine happiness, through daily application of the tools provided.

This valuable course is for anyone seeking self-improvement and a fulfilling life. I wholeheartedly recommend it. Maya is a wonderful person and an excellent teacher.

Emilija, USA

Kickstart to be in control of your life is the real change I was looking for! Thanks to Maja, I rate the course 12/10! The experience was transformative; I gained new habits and self-confidence. Journaling and meditation are crucial parts of my new routine. I recommend Kickstart to anyone who wants to take control of their life. The support, motivation, and inspiration from Maja were phenomenal! I’m thrilled to have opened my own Instagram profile, where I share my personal growth and development. Kickstart gave me a fresh perspective on life and new opportunities for success!

Gabi, Norway

This course is incredibly motivating and exactly what I needed. It transformed my unstable energy into a positive one, providing clarity to my mind and ideas. Even though I had prior knowledge of personal development, I lacked direction, but now I have numerous options in front of me. Despite initial doubts and fears, my intuition urged me to give it a try.

This was my first group coaching experience, and the idea of members helping each other was a crucial factor in my decision to join. I’ve gained confidence and motivation to achieve my goals, realizing the importance of work and dedication beyond visualization.

My key takeaways include adopting better habits and knowing precisely what actions to take for results. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking to improve their life, as it not only benefited me but also positively impacted my family and surroundings. I’ll recommend it to those willing to make the necessary effort for personal growth and improvement.

Gabi, Slovenia

I rate the Kickstart to be in control of your life course with a perfect score. Before joining the group, I had been working on personal growth intensively, but I felt the need to go deeper and invest in myself through learning and taking courses for personal development. 

The sessions were filled with valuable guidance and techniques for time management, setting goals, and overcoming limiting beliefs. Through this program, I realized my potential and gained confidence and self-belief. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to individuals who want to work on themselves, have a clear vision and goals, and are ready for continuous learning and growth.

Hristina, Switzerland

Kickstart to be in control of your life is an excellent course, with rich and curated content. Maja is an outstanding and enthusiastic instructor, fully dedicated to the group. Before joining, I embraced every opportunity for personal growth. No doubts led me to choose Kickstart over other group coaching courses. The experience was a beautiful journey, fostering new friendships and refining existing knowledge. The sessions significantly improved my time management and self-awareness. The course inspired me to set long-term goals and work towards them. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone!


Kickstart has been the most positive thing I’ve done for myself this year, a wise investment in my future and personal growth. Before joining, I lacked courage for change, but now I’ve discovered more about myself step by step. Hearing my friend Mare’s experience left me with no doubts. The group sessions and Maja’s positive energy impressed me from the start. Maja made self-improvement easy. 

Kickstart helped me break free from failure mode and empowered me to grow positively. It significantly improved my relationships with family and at work. Daily meditation, exercise, and journaling are now part of me. I secured a new job position within my company, thanks to Kickstart’s guidance. I highly recommend this program for anyone seeking positive life changes and personal development, regardless of age. Maja’s warmth and support added real value to my life.

Irena K

I have to admit that Kickstart was a pleasant and positive surprise. After a friend’s recommendation, I’ve been following Maya and discovered her energy is unique and breathtaking. I have been doing personal development work on and off for the past seven years. I also tried many different group sessions and psychologists in some countries I lived in. Maya and her program are nothing like I have ever been to. Again, the word is: She is unique. During our sessions, I enjoyed it a lot. The other ladies were amazing and gave me a feeling of belonging. I learned many techniques to help myself and others, and I trust myself more now.

People who are open-minded, willing to learn, and willing to admit they need some help are great candidates for this course.

I would say that Maya’s coaching is the best way to start or continue working on yourself. 

Irina, Switzerland

If you want to improve your life, changing something is not just possible but necessary. Kickstart is a very well-constructed course and has a great dynamic during the sessions. I like Mays’s energy, peacefulness, and capabilities.

For me, it was difficult to start and do all I did during this course by myself. It was fascinating to see how I behaved with a group of people I met for the first time. It was so nice to do things all together as a group. Now I know I need to keep changing. I also know that personal development doesn’t end with the last Masterclass of this course.

This course is the right fit for everybody because everyone could use some work and improvements in their relationships, self-confidence, self-love, dealing with other people, and time management.

Maya is a real professional and very committed. It shows that she is constantly reading, learning, and improving not just as a mentor but also personally. She really walks the talk.

Jana, Macedonia

Kickstart has been a wonderful and positively surprising experience, the perfect choice for me at the right time. Before joining, I felt disconnected, exhausted, and lacking motivation. Despite initial skepticism about group coaching, I trusted in Maja, and it turned out to be life-changing. The sessions were always positive, leaving me motivated and inspired.

Feeling consistent with myself and having a positive influence on my life are significant results. 

I highly recommend Kickstart to anyone open to positive change; it has been a life-changing experience.

Jasminka, Germany

Kickstart has been excellent, inspiring, and eye-opening. Before joining, I felt exhausted, overwhelmed, and unfocused. Despite some doubts, I trusted in Maja and her guidance, as I’ve followed her for a long time and greatly respected her work.

During the course, I learned to love myself differently, understand my goals, and form new friendships. The morning routine from Kickstart has already become a disciplined part of my life.

I found peace within myself and the confidence to overcome chaos. I highly recommend this course to anyone willing to work on themselves, whether they’ve started already or are new to personal growth.


I enjoyed each Masterclass of this course. I received great advice. It helped me create a strong route in my life. With the work I did in this course, I found out that I’ve been very critical. I learned how to organize my time better and other useful methods and tools.

My discipline has improved, and I learned to accept things I can’t control. This course is perfect for people who struggle with self-confidence and want to learn how to grow their awareness. In this course, you will adopt very useful habits and start to notice positive things in your lives.

Lile, Macedonia

I’m sincerely thankful for Kickstart and everything it offered. I enjoyed every moment, giving it the highest rating. Before joining, I struggled with setting priorities and had no time for myself.

I chose Kickstart based on a strong recommendation, and your inspiring life story sealed the deal.

The sessions were filled with positive energy, practical techniques, and motivating ideas. Maja’s coaching style inspired trust and motivation effortlessly.

The course gave me greater self-awareness, emphasizing gratitude, affirmations, meditation, and self-love and care. This was my first step towards personal growth, empowering me to assist my son better. I highly recommend this course to anyone who seeks personal progress and a brighter future.

Maja D

Kick Start to be in control of your life deserves a five-star rating! The sessions were delightful, and the course gave me renewed self-confidence and overcame my imposter syndrome. 

I’ll maintain morning and evening routines and the beneficial MUST/Want list as takeaways. 

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone considering it.

Marija K.

The Kickstart course brought transformative positive changes to my life, offering valuable self-care guidelines, morning and evening routines, and insights on improving relationships. Maya’s energy, willingness to help, and the cohesive group dynamic made this course truly great. Before joining, I had little knowledge of coaching, routines, and self-improvement literature. However, I trusted Maya’s expertise and potential, making the decision easy.

Throughout the sessions, I felt comfortable and surrounded by positive energy from motivated individuals who genuinely wanted to support and uplift each other. The main benefits include the realization that anything is achievable, provided the right tools and approaches are used. I successfully incorporated morning and evening routines, meditation, and consistent exercise into my life, thanks to Maya’s guidance.

Marija, Macedonia

Kickstart to be in control of your life was a life-changing revelation for me. The energy shared was indescribable, and every moment was an opportunity for self-improvement. I was hesitant at first, but I trusted the process, and it turned out to be an exceptional experience.

During the sessions, I felt like I discovered the holy grail of self-discovery. 

As a result of this course, I realized I’m more capable than I thought, and I embraced opportunities without limiting beliefs. My greatest achievement is a new phase of growth in my business and increased confidence in client interactions.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course because there’s so much to learn, the energy is uplifting, and it’s an opportunity to do something for yourself and your happiness. To my friends and family, I’d say, buckle up, enjoy the journey, as the destination is phenomenal.


Kickstart is a phenomenal five-star program that exceeded all my expectations. Choosing it was an easy decision, knowing Maya’s capabilities and her ability to create success in her life. Throughout the 8 weeks, I experienced significant growth in my clarity, time management, and rediscovered my passion for writing. Overcoming limiting beliefs boosted my confidence, and now I believe in my potential regardless of age. I’ve embraced valuable habits and remain consistent and disciplined in pursuing my dreams.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kickstart to any woman who feels insecure about her identity and aspirations, desires personal development, and seeks both a strict teacher and a gentle friend. Maya offers valuable tools and unwavering support to help you take control of your life and reach your goals.

Monika, Berlin

First, I made a commitment to myself to embark on a journey of self-improvement. Then, Kickstart to be in control of your life arrived at the perfect moment, awakening my awareness and empowering me to pursue my desires.

Throughout this course, I conquered my barriers and self-doubts, and now, I am determined to continue my personal development journey. Previously, I felt overwhelmed by daily tasks and lacked time for myself. But now, I begin my day with a self-care routine!

Maya, our inspiring and encouraging mentor, possesses an intuitive sense of timing. During our sessions, she understood us deeply, fostered creativity, and created a relaxed atmosphere. Maya generously shared her experiences, resources, and effective methods.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking self-improvement and a journey towards greater confidence, courage, strength, and self-love.

Natalia, Germany

Kickstart to be in control of your life deserves a perfect 10 rating! It exceeded my expectations with valuable knowledge, insights, an incredible coach, positive energy, and newfound friendships. My decision to join was primarily because of Maya’s dedication, consistency, systematic approach, ease, and profound passion for education and growth.

The sessions provided a profoundly peaceful, empathetic, enjoyable, and enlightening experience. The most significant outcome was successfully implementing all the business actions I had planned, which had been waiting on paper. I highly recommend this course as it offers a holistic approach to improvement and a better understanding of life. Maya is an exceptional coach, generously sharing her wealth of knowledge and genuinely caring for people’s success and well-being.

Natasa P.

Before Kickstart, I’ve been reading and exploring personal development, but I haven’t started practicing any tools yet. The sessions were an absolute pleasure, and I felt great. There was enough time for discussion, questions, and many examples. Being part of a group helped me overcome procrastination as we were doing the same homeplays at the same time. I couldn’t get away with postponing. 😊 Since I worked with Maya, I have learned so many things about myself. I became more aware of the importance of self-care and self-love. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to be motivated to become a better version of themselves in a highly energized atmosphere with amazing women in the group. Maya is very well educated, competent, and ready to meet your expectations.

Natasha, Macedonia

Kickstart to be in control of your life deserves a rating beyond a perfect 10! It changed my life for the better, providing knowledge, valuable insights, an amazing coach, and wonderful new friendships.

Before joining, my life was chaotic, but now I wake up each morning as a part of Maja’s course, and my life transforms positively. Maja’s energy and charisma were the reasons I chose Kickstart over any other coaching course.

The sessions were exciting, happy, and fascinating, filled with phenomenal women united by the same goal – personal growth. This course benefits anyone willing to work on themselves and open to the world of possibilities. Having a coach like Maja simplifies and eases the journey.


Kickstart to be in control of your life is an excellent program, well-structured, and presented in a simple and understandable way. Before joining, I experienced highly stressful events that left me in a low vibrational state, but I knew I didn’t want to stay there.

The sessions were pleasant, with a supportive atmosphere, and a wealth of shared knowledge and resources. I learned that I owe nothing to anyone and that being vulnerable with oneself is essential. 

For those who are aware that something is not going well in their lives but don’t know where to start, this course would be highly beneficial. I share this positive experience with others and feel more settled than before. 

Simona, Switzerland


This course is making you seriously work on yourself. It’s full of directions and wow moments. Before getting into the group, there was a lot of confusion in me, and my self-confidence was low. The sessions were full of directions, education, questions about everything you need to look inside and unravel answers. 

I became aware of many things about me personally, for example, when I am focused and when I need to do that more. I discovered when I use excuses and when I use positivity to hide my fears. I reached true joy and satisfaction after I deleted the unnecessary with the help of Maya.

The work on myself continues (luckily, now I have the methods and techniques for the rest of my life). I recommend this course because Maya has “dharma” to read the person and discover what is getting on the way.


Maja is something truly special! The workshops with her have been the best thing that ever happened to me in life. I now feel rejuvenated and prepared to embrace new opportunities. I rate Kickstart 5 out of 5; my solid expectations were met. 

Before joining the course, my mind was in chaos, but now I understand my emotions and thoughts. The experience during the sessions was incredible; I eagerly looked forward to every Monday. As a result, my biggest dream is to develop strong self-assurance and travel to Rome. I highly recommend Maja to those who want to change their lives and live on their own terms. She will help you understand yourself, achieve your goals, and discover your true self.

Svetlana B.

I rate Kickstart with a solid five stars! Before joining the course, I was burned out and completely lost as a person. I wondered if anything could change and if it was worth investing in myself. However, Kickstart showed me the path to transformation. 

The sessions were a wonderful experience, and I looked forward to them every Monday. I learned to create my own routines and prioritize time for myself. Most importantly, now I dare to achieve my goals and overcome imposter syndrome. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is uncertain and seeking support for change. It’s the wind in your sails that will help you soar.

Teodora, Czech Republic

Before Kickstart, I knew very little about personal development. Also, I thought that I was a quitter, and I give up too soon. And now I am very happy to see how much I developed and succeeded with Maya´s guidance. Maya is so motivating and so generous in sharing all of her knowledge and experience.

This group coaching course for me is a beautiful experience with an incredible amount of positive energy and some fantastic women who are now my friends. My biggest results of this course are the self-confidence I gained and feeling peaceful and happy. Maya is incredible, and I recommend this course to anyone. 


Kickstart exceeded all my expectations! I spontaneously joined this adventure out of curiosity and gained so much more than I imagined. Before joining, I needed support to clarify some life questions that were hindering my goals. I had no doubts about choosing Kickstart because I followed Maya and her inspiring journey. Her positive and wise approach made the sessions a delightful experience. I gained greater self-confidence and started achieving previously elusive dreams. 

I highly recommend Kickstart to anyone seeking personal growth and self-discipline. It’s an opportunity for meaningful change, and I would enthusiastically introduce Maya’s inspiring approach to my friends and family through Coffee with Maya, where they can connect with her and feel the magic of this transformative journey.

Vaska, Holland

I give the Kickstart to be in control of your life course a solid 10 rating. Before joining the group, I felt a bit lost and disconnected in life, and this course provided the magical formula that Maya brilliantly crafted.

The sessions helped me visualize a clearer picture of myself and my future, breaking boundaries of limiting beliefs. I overcame fears related to charging for my services and gained problem-solving skills. I learned to set goals and envision my future self in alignment with those goals.

If you want to learn and apply proven guidelines for personal growth, this course is invaluable. Maya’s strength and impressive handling of life serve as an inspiring example for all. I am deeply grateful for her advice, guidance, and support throughout the course.



This has been a purely positive experience! As a mother preparing to move, I was hesitant about joining a group course, but I gave it a chance. The course was enjoyable and flew by quickly. I discovered the power of group support. Now, I feel confident speaking in front of a group, and journaling allows me to express my thoughts privately. 

I believe anyone would benefit from this course, as long as they’re aware that personal growth is a lifelong journey. I highly recommend you to anyone interested in developing useful habits and routines with the support of a wonderful group. And yes, meditation is a must! 


This course deserves a shining five-star rating! I’ve learned new techniques and magic to improve myself. Before joining, my life was a storm without pauses, filled with occasional heavy downpours. This was my first experience with group coaching, and I found tremendous value in it. Each session taught me valuable lessons, and I realized that continuous learning and personal growth bring fulfillment and happiness. 

The course instilled in me the habit of meditation, visualization, writing affirmations, and journaling, and I intend to maintain these practices throughout my life. I would recommend this course to everyone because each participant benefits uniquely, and investing in oneself is never a mistake. Being part of Maya’s group is the right path towards becoming a better person.

Zorica, Germany