Maja has been a remarkable guide on my journey towards personal growth and emotional well-being. Her story of resilience and overcoming challenges, as shared through Joana’s narrative, was not just inspiring but transformative. During our sessions, I felt safe, empowered, and motivated to explore my vulnerabilities. Maja’s ability to listen without judgment and encourage self-belief has been a game-changer.

The benefits I’ve gained are immense: I’ve shed the weight of longstanding issues, gained new perspectives, and embarked on an exciting journey of self-discovery. I now react calmly to situations, live in the present moment, and set healthier boundaries. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Maja to anyone seeking inner peace, freedom from negative emotions, and personal growth. Investing in oneself with Maja’s guidance is a choice you won’t regret.


Starting one-on-one sessions with Maya MJ has been one of the best investments in my life. As Maya often says, ‘GAME CHANGER,’ and it’s absolutely true. When you begin working with a life coach, it’s like sending a message to the UNIVERSE – ‘I’m ready for BIG changes,’ and the UNIVERSE responds with a resounding ‘I’m sending them your way!’ She is truly amazing at what she does. She brings clarity to things that used to confuse me, helps me see things I never noticed before, and ignites my unique superpower (I firmly believe everyone has one). With her guidance, my potential feels limitless. Every day, I experience ‘AHA’ moments, and she provides unwavering support and motivation.

Miracles started happening in my life the very day I invested in a set of one-on-one sessions, and these miracles have touched every aspect of my life, especially my career and income. We’ve been working together for over a year, and I’ve achieved remarkable results in my business, personal growth, and family life. This is just the beginning, and I already love the person I’m becoming. My self-talk becomes more beautiful with each passing day. If your dreams seem bigger than you, just give her a call!

Ivana L., Macedonia

Maya’s coaching sessions were initially a source of apprehension for me due to my introverted nature. However, her safe and comfortable approach encouraged me to open up and share things I’d never discussed before.

Under Maya’s guidance, I achieved inner peace and self-acceptance, letting go of the need for perfection. I chose Maya as my coach based on the positive transformation I witnessed in my sister through her Kickstart program.

Maya’s sessions impressed me with their ability to guide my self-exploration, helping me understand my thoughts and feelings. I look forward to exploring topics like communication, business presentations, and coaching, thanks to Maya’s expertise. I highly recommend Maya to anyone seeking personal growth, as she offers tailored guidance that truly motivates and guides individuals toward their goals.

Through Maya’s coaching, I released the belief that perfection is necessary for self-worth. My top priorities now include personal growth, nurturing relationships, and conscious parenting, all thanks to Maya’s support. I extend my gratitude to Maya and eagerly anticipate our next session.

Melita, Czech Republic

Being a parent is a remarkable experience with its share of challenges, especially when raising a child with a disability. Working with Maya during this journey has been transformative. Her guidance and support have led me from confusion to clarity, providing invaluable tools to better understand and connect with my child. 

Maya’s unique insight into children with disabilities, focusing on their “special desires,” has opened my eyes to the joys and challenges of parenting. Each interaction leaves me feeling calmer and stronger, essential qualities in navigating parenthood. Maya’s wisdom has taught me to prioritize self-care, enabling me to better support and nurture my child. Through her encouragement, I’ve embraced the adventure of raising a “special” child, overflowing with boundless love and joy. Maya’s presence has made this journey truly enriching and full of love, for which I am forever grateful.

Anita, Bihac

Maya’s energy entered my life at the right moment when my mindset was ready for the changes I needed. I first noticed her during an Instagram Live, discussing methods and techniques for setting goals in the upcoming year. Her calm and concise manner immediately motivated me to start planning for the year ahead, and I’ve already seen positive results from the strategies she shared.

People seek coaching for various reasons; for me, it was about overcoming negative changes and setting priorities. Together, we focused on recognizing time-wasters and replacing them with productive habits, establishing morning and evening routines, and improving my mindset and beliefs.

Maya shared valuable coaching techniques which significantly helped in achieving my goals and better time management. Additionally, we explored the six core human needs, such as security, significance, and contribution, each playing a vital role in personal growth.

The benefits of coaching go beyond the obvious, and if you have any doubts, consider scheduling a free informational talk with Maya.

Bojana D.

I can hardly find the words to express the profound impact my life coaching journey with Maya has had on my life. I was trapped in a cycle of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and chronic procrastination with a dream of starting my own business, but fear and uncertainty always held me back. Little did I know that my decision to work with Maya would change everything. From the very first session, I knew I had made the right choice. 

Dance A.

Maya is a beautiful soul and full of love and understanding. Her devotion and professionalism as a coach, deserve all the compliments and recommendation. Thanks to her I got rid of all limitations that were blocking me, and I started to use the resources and potentials that I have. She motivated me to be who I am and to achieve my goals. After each of our sessions, I was full of inspiration, self-initiation, and satisfaction. I felt that you couldn’t put a price to her effort to help me and her sincere guidance. For that, I am eternally grateful to her.

Danica, Serbia

I came to do coaching with Maya after a conversation where she identified areas for improvement in connecting with my audience and potential clients. During the sessions, I felt at ease and listened to, and Maya helped me overcome several challenges I was facing. The three most useful aspects of working with her were her direct and actionable advice, the immense value I gained from each session, and learning how to handle ‘tricky’ clients and avoid feeling disappointed when results fell short of expectations.

As a result of our work together, I started a successful YouTube channel and gained the confidence to attract numerous clients. Maya’s guidance has been instrumental in shaping my future, especially as I was in the early stages of my business. Her insights and strategies helped me get organized and build a solid foundation.

I wholeheartedly recommend Maya to anyone seeking direction, support, and guidance in building their business or navigating life’s challenges. With her support, I now have a clear path forward and a newfound confidence in my abilities.

Dragana, Italy

During our sessions, I felt supported, motivated and there was no option “Quitting.” With Maya, you can forget about quitting. This option doesn’t exist in her world. She taught me how to look at things from another angle, to organize my time better, and know that I am never alone. I am always supported.

Although I thought I knew all this, I didn’t actually implement all those techniques I’ve read in books or heard in videos. Maya gave me deep explanations and gave me simple tools, but they are working effectively. She returned the faith in me and my place of joy. Today I really do create my life with ease. Maya taught me how to turn failure into success and how quitting is never an option. Trust me, it took only a few days for things to start moving in the direction of getting the results. She just simply saw what things I needed to clear up so I could get to my goal.

To anyone who doesn’t know where to start and finds it easier to quit because “That’s not for me anyway,” I warmly recommend Maya.

Duska, Serbia

I have a great respect for Maya. She came into my life like a spring river, fast and strong. Her story about her girl, combined with her positivity, her amazing need, and her wish to help other parents, had just stopped my breath. I said to myself: Dear, this is the attitude that you must obtain. Because if this beautiful human being can be like this after all the experience with her child, then you must excel because it can be done; and see Maya she is doing it.

In my experience working with parents myself, I know the level of precision and focus that I give when I try to help them. With the same precision and only a sentence or two, Maya will read my mind and suggest a book, a video, or something to help me. I am happy and honored to have Maya as a fellow human being going in the same direction in this world; we travel together.

Irena, Macedonia

Before I knew Maya, I was desperate, sad, in panic, was blaming life for my struggles. Maya opened up my view, showed me how life can be amazing. So kind, full of love, she made me feel exceptional as a person and as a mum! If you don’t feel this way, I absolutely recommend to contact her! Our kids feel our energy… If we are sad because they have a challenge they know, they feel… and it’s not a good feeling when you think your parent is not proud of you or happy to have you!!!

Maya helped me to feel different and to accept the situation and challenges we face. Yes there are challenges but everyone has them. Can’t thank you enough Maya for everything!!! 

Ivona, London

The coaching I had with Maya helped me to balance the relationship with the closest people around me. It meant the world to me the work we did together, especially because I wasn’t even aware of how big this issue was. I just thought on an intuitive level that it would be good to work on that.

I thought those relationships were good, and I have nothing to work on here. But Maya managed to show me aspects I really wasn’t aware of. Although the subject was very personal and, at moments, very sensitive, I felt amazing during our sessions. I had a lot of a-ha moments, and something lit up in my head. 

Maya is one beautiful soul. She is gentle and sweet and again very direct and concrete when needed. She opened my eyes and gave me amazing tools which improved my organization and productivity. 

Before our coaching sessions, I thought that only a magic wand can help me.

This wasn’t my first coaching, but no previous coach has managed to shake my deeply rooted beliefs enabling me to change. Maya exceeded my expectations, and my life has really changed for the better.

Maja, Serbia

Working with Maya has been a truly eye-opening experience for me. It feels like fate brought us together at the perfect moment in my life when I’m going through significant changes. Our sessions helped me embrace a new mindset, establish crucial morning and evening routines, and prioritize “ME time,” leading to wonderful transformations.

With Maya’s guidance, I started attracting the right people, exploring fascinating ideas, and confidently expressing my wishes and aspirations. She reminded me that taking action is key, regardless of how many books I’ve read.

Maya’s positivity and engaging personality made me feel instantly comfortable, as if we’ve known each other for ages. 

I’m eagerly looking forward to continuing our work together, as Maya has truly been a catalyst for positive growth and personal empowerment.

Marija K.

The whole experience I had with Maya and my personal development cannot be described in words. I live and experience it every moment, discovering new things about myself, learning how to change what I don’t like, seeing work from a different perspective, and living life with full enthusiasm and without regrets. 

Maya helped me believe in myself and accept how capable I am, guiding me towards improving my self-confidence. But it’s not just that; words simply aren’t enough. She showed me how to find inner peace, juggle all my responsibilities, stay positive, and recalibrate when life happens. I’m delighted to have become part of my daily life, and she revealed how to become Martina updated version 2.0, a version I adore (and one I don’t plan on stopping working on).


I have worked with Maya first in the Group Coaching Program Kickstart, and then individually. Through the work together, I expanded my knowledge and understanding of the law of attraction, co-creation and relationship with others. I learned to trust myself more, to focus more on the process and the learning, rather than holding attachment to the outcome. I really appreciate her positive attitude to life, business mindset and open and trustworthy communication. The sessions were eye opening, full of new insights! Highly recommendable!

Simona, Switzerland

I am Zorica, and I firmly believe that the universe always sends us what we are ready for, when we need it. Well, that’s precisely how Maya came into my life, sent by the universe about 2-3 years ago, but our intense work and deep connection started one year ago. Let me get straight to the point – in just a few words, I can convey how incredibly satisfied I am to have her as my coach and witness the love she pours into her work.

Maya and her coaching have been a transformational experience for me. I’ve grown, improved, matured, and embraced each moment and session with the excitement of a child. She has this amazing ability to find solutions in every situation, turning each moment into an “AHA” moment for me. I can’t emphasize enough how much I’ve learned from her and how much joy I find in our journey together. Maya du bist die beste Person und auch Couch. Mach es weiter SO! 

Zorica, Germany