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Momentum Maker: 8-Week Group Coaching Program

Go from procrastination to regularly taking action.

Big Promise: Transform your life by overcoming procrastination, setting clear goals, adopting new habits, and building unshakeable self-confidence. Create momentum with a personal action plan that moves you towards your definition of success and a balanced, joyful life.

Introducing the MOMENTUM MAKER Program
A comprehensive approach that moves your personal development to the next level


The Momentum Maker system is designed to guide you from your current point in your personal development journey to a level where procrastination no longer exists in your world. You will be constantly taking action, feeling motivated and inspired, and living in balance, joy, and increased self-confidence. You have yet to see what you are truly capable of.

What you’ll walk away with after the MOMENTUM MAKER Group Coaching Program

What’s included in the MOMENTUM MAKER Group Coaching Program


Week group coaching with superb accountability that ensures that you implement.


Modules delivered each Monday by me, live on a interactive Zoom call, followed up by a Q&A Coaching call od Thursday.


Implementation weeks after the fourth module, so you have the chance to catch up and be up-to-date with the material.

My coaching support in our private Facebook group, and email support during the course, as well as the support from the other participants.

No question will remain unanswered – you will receive answer to everything related to this course during our Q&A Calls or in the Facebook group – if you have more questions after the Q&A.

Access to all of the recordings by September 1st.

Imagine this….

Living every day knowing exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. Moving from procrastination, postponing, overthinking to becoming the most organized person you know, with great habits, in control, with a lot of confidence and changed perspective. Enriching your life with new friendships of like-minded people whom you’ll share mutual support and encouragement even after the program finishes.

Hi, I am Maya MJ and I’ve been where you are.

Before I started my personal development journey in 2018 my life was a mess: I was stuck in a career I disliked, had terrible relationships with others—especially my husband and closest family members—procrastinated often, didn't know where to start to improve things, felt constantly pressed for time, couldn't even envision, let alone achieve, my goals, and practiced unproductive habits that sabotaged any attempts at success. On top of that, I was a mother to a precious girl with special needs, Joana, who blessed our lives for six years, but since 2020, she is no longer with us physically.

You had the opportunity to get to know me during the 4-week online course, "Challenge Your Growth," where I shared my story and how I completely transformed my life. This change is possible for you too, especially with support and guidance (and you've already seen my style of guiding and supporting 😊).

You experienced a course tailor-made for anyone ready to take control of their life by starting a personal development journey.

My mission is to bring the same energy and dedication to any course or program I create, and “Momentum Maker” will be no exception. This program is ideal for continuing the momentum and building upon what we started in the “Challenge Your Growth” course. I am confident that I will once again receive testimonials like these: (these comments come directly from your feedback forms. Perhaps you will recognize your comment among them).

Momentum Maker Program Outline

We start with the end in our mind. We will make sure to get your vision clear and exciting.

I will teach you number of techniques, tools and methods that you will practice through assignments.

You will start implement the easy-to-follow process I prepared for you and start getting your results.

I’ll be here to answer all of your questions and guide you every step of the way.

You’ll notice a shift after you implemented even more time-management techniques, tips for mindset changing and new habits.

You’ll get the chance to reflect on the new learnings and make sure you are catching up up-to date in the two implementation weeks.

You will end this course with a planed next logical step to continue your progress and momentum even after this program.


Bonus 1:

E-Book for every Module you can download and get back to it whenever you want.

Bonus 2:

A Checklist with the assignments organized in PDF files for each week – to simplify your organization and make it easier for you to follow.

Bonus 3:

Additional PDF of Mindset tips for each week that you can use and implement even after the program.

Bonus 4:

Accountability buddies - I will match you up with accountability buddy that you fit the best with.

Bonus 5:

You will recieve video or podcast suggestion for each module if you want to dive even deeper into the topic.

Bonus 6:

A special surprise bonus that I will reveal to you after April 10th.

Dates and Times:

The 8-week Momentum Maker program starts on April 22, 2024 and ends on June 16, 2024.


The Schedule is:

Monday (22 April – 13 May) 6pm CET:     New Module (live Zoom session)

Thursday ( 25 April – 16 May) 6pm CET:      Q&A Coaching call

17 May – 02 June:     Implementation Weeks

Monday (03 – 09 June) 6pm CET:      New Module (live Zoom session)

Thursday ( 06- 13 June) 6pm CET:    Q&A Coaching call

All calls are recorded and accessible in our Momentum Maker Facebook group for the duration of the program. All modules are accessible on a teaching platform until September 1st.

Who is this for and who is this not for

Who is this for?

This program is ideal for someone who knows that investng in their personal development is the best investment they can make.

It is ideal for those who are determined to stop making excuses and finally take concrete steps towards change.

For women seeking to meet and connect with like-minded women. This program is for those who understand that you can survive without community but you can’t thrive without one.

Who is this not for?

This program is not suitable for those who are not willing to take action, and for anyone expecting their lives to improve solely through the wave of a magic wand

Special note to Challenge your Growth students:

You will be able to follow Momentum Maker Group coaching program even if you haven’t completed all the lessons of the Challenge Your Growth course.

Momentum Maker is your ideal next logical step in your personal development journey.

Your investment?

The investment is for a 8-week group coaching and accountability program to take control of your life.

For all those who did not attended the first round of Challenge your growth course, the price will be €497.

Special Offer for Chalenge Your Growth Participants:

Only until April 09th 10 pm CET

€397 upfront or 2-pay of €217

Maker is a non-refundable, non-pausable and non-cancellable program. We believe the only way to achieve real success is to finish what you start and be true to your own word.


** Refund Policy: Momentum Maker is a non-refundable, non-pausable and non-cancellable program. We believe the only way to achieve real success is to finish what you start and be true to your own word.

Deadline The deadline to sign up is
Tuesday, April 09th, 10 pm CET

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

– Don’t worry, Momentum Maker is standalone program. It contains many new tools, methods and assignments to help you achieve your desired results.

– All calls will be recorded and attached in our FB group so you can watch them in your own rhythm.

– Do you think I will ignore this fact? 🙂 Ask all you want, ask away. I am looking forward to all of your questions. Deep coaching and hot-seat sessions during our calls ensure that no questions are left unanswered. There is no way to finish this course with questions still on your mind.

– Once the group is formed on April 09th, you’ll receive a questionary to pair you with the most suitable accountability partner in the group. And the fun can begin. 😊

– You don’t need to worry about this at all. First of all, I planned the right size of material so you can follow it during the week. You can do this by commiting only 2 hours per week. Plus, there are two implementation weeks after Module 4 so you have the chance to catch up and avoid overwhelmed. See? I got your back. 😊

The Momentum Maker program is 8 weeks and therefore you have 8 weeks access to the private Facebook group, coaching and support. You’ll have access to the modules of the programs on a teaching platform from the date of your purchase so you can go back and review after the 8 weeks are over, untill September 1st.