I've got something special I'd love to share with you – it's called "Coffee with Maya," and I have a feeling you're going to love it. Consider this your official invite!

So, what’s “Coffee with Maya,” you ask? “It’s a free Zoom meeting hosted by your coach Maya MJ, once a month, and as this is your official invite, simply complete your email below, and you will get an invitation each time ‘Coffee with Maya’ is on.

So, why Coffee with Maya? Well, it’s my way of giving back to the world for all the incredible experiences and lessons I’ve gained on my personal journey. It’s also a tribute to my daughter Joana. About two years ago, I started this online hangout on Zoom, and since then, we’ve had 63 awesome “Coffee with Maya” sessions. We still meet online on Zoom once a month. One time, 70 of us met live, and you can see the pictures of that event.

Back in the day, I thought, “Why not create a cool space where people who are into personal growth can just chill, have some coffee, and grow together?” And that’s exactly what “Coffee with Maya” is all about. We dive into all sorts of cool topics like making positive changes, kicking those limiting beliefs, tackling money matters, friendships, imposter syndrome – you name it! Plus, we’re always sharing recommendations for awesome books, podcasts, videos, and courses that help us level up personally.

Here’s the fun part – at the start, everyone was a bit skeptical, thinking, “What’s the catch? Nothing’s ever really free!” But then they realized these sessions are the real deal – no sales pitches, no fancy marketing stuff. It’s just me sharing what I’ve learned and genuinely wanting to spread some knowledge. I get it, we’ve all been burned by those webinars promising the moon for free. “Coffee with Maya” is refreshingly different.

Our little crew has grown, and we’re still meeting up every month. I wanted to personally invite you to swing by our next “Coffee with Maya” hangout. You can jump right into the discussion after my lecture, or you can just sit back and enjoy without feeling any pressure to join in.

Oh, and by the way, it won’t cost you a dime. Just drop a quick note saying “Count me in,” and you’re good to go. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions my way too.

Can't wait to virtually share a cup of coffee and some great conversation with you!"

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