Individual coaching

Individual coaching is a significant step that reflects your commitment to investing in yourself. My personal coaching journey began five years ago, and it completely transformed my life. It pulled me out of a whirlwind of negative emotions and led me to a life I never believed was possible. And now, I want to extend the same opportunity to you.


My mission is crystal clear: to guide you toward becoming the best version of yourself, discovering fulfillment in life, and achieving the results you desire. Your life holds immense value, far beyond what you might currently realize. I genuinely believe that everything you need to attain happiness is already within you.


Throughout our sessions, I’ll provide unwavering support, challenge you when necessary, offer understanding and compassion, and when needed – I won’t allow you to be held captive by procrastination. Many of my clients emphasize this as my specialty. My expertise lies in helping you uncover your inner brilliance, fostering unwavering motivation and inspiration. You’ll discover joy in taking action, ultimately transforming every facet of your life.


From family and relationships to finances, career/business, health, and friendships – we’ll cover it all. Our journey begins gently, evaluating your life thus far to identify the areas most crucial for your growth. Together, we’ll set meaningful goals – and this process is where my specialty shines. With determination, you can achieve any goal you set your mind to; in my world, “impossible” isn’t even a concept.

Speaking of accountability, you’ll experience firsthand the level of strength and reliability I bring to the table as we dive into the action steps toward your goals. Procrastination will become a thing of the past when we collaborate. Curious why my clients achieve remarkable results? That’s the secret.


The beauty of individual coaching lies in its personalized approach. The methods, techniques, and tools I employ will be tailored to your unique life circumstances. Your words will be met with zero judgment and 100% confidentiality.

From our very first interaction, you’ll sense my genuine passion for coaching. Since 2019, I’ve found unending enjoyment in my work, continually learning and growing. I’ve been engaged with my own coach since 2020, regularly participating in group coaching courses, attending workshops and live events featuring luminaries like Bruce Lipton and Tony Robbins. However, my most profound training came from my experience with my daughter Joana. Coping with the challenges of being a mother to a special child with serious health issues, and eventually navigating her passing, provided me with an education of unmatched depth.


Amidst the journey of grief and loss, I uncovered a personal need for transformation. I realized that Joana had become an excuse for my deep unhappiness. Yet, the root cause of my unhappiness lay in my lack of life skills – skills essential for handling criticism, boosting self-confidence, setting healthy boundaries, escaping the grasp of an unfulfilling job, and embracing healthier habits. The concept of self-love was unknown to me.

This voyage of self-discovery taught me invaluable lessons that I’m eager to share with you. While I’m confident in your ability to navigate your personal development journey independently, the experience is much easier, swifter, and more enjoyable with the guidance of another.

You have the choice of two coaching packages. A minimum commitment of four sessions is necessary to genuinely witness the transformation in your life."

Clients often approach me when seeking heightened success, improved relationships, inner tranquility, increased self-confidence, freedom from procrastination, clarity in their goals, and a sense of fulfillment.

Choose your path:

Kickstart Bold Beginning

597,00 eur
3 sessions
Email support
Assignments between sessions

Kickstart Your Success

1.087,00 eur
6 sessions
Email support
Assignments between sessions

Thank you for reading this far. I commend your dedication to personal growth. It's my pleasure to collaborate with you and support your journey.

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