I am Maya and I am thrilled you are here.

I am a Transformation Coach on a mission to help you conquer life’s hurdles and achieve amazing personal growth. With over three years of successful coaching experience, I’ve guided many individuals and groups to unleash their potential and make positive life changes.

Here's how
I can support you:

  • Break free from feeling stuck and gain the confidence to reach your goals.
  • Beat procrastination, build discipline, and take charge of your time.
  • Get more done in your day, boost productivity, and still have time for yourself and fun.
  • Improve your relationships with your partner, family, friends, and coworkers.
  • Leave behind comparisons, recognize your worth, and focus on your path.
  • Supercharge your personal development journey with various methods and tools.

My journey

Now, you might think I’ve got everything sorted since I’m a transformation coach. But the truth is, I face challenges and go through ups and downs just like anyone else. I’ve overcome tough situations that made me stronger today. While I still deal with challenges, I’ve learned how to stay balanced when things get tough.

Rewind back to 2018, my story was quite different. I was stuck in a job I didn’t like, lacked confidence, and struggled in my relationships. I felt like life was just happening to me, and I was confused about it all.

In 2014, my daughter Joana was born. But when she was just two months old, she had her first epilepsy seizure. To give her the best care, we moved from Macedonia to Germany. She was a wonderful part of our lives for six years, but in 2020, she passed away.

In the beginning of our journey, I felt overwhelmed by negative emotions like sadness, fear, and guilt. I couldn’t make sense of why this was happening to us. But when Joana turned three, something changed in me. I hit rock bottom and started thinking, “What if I’ve been asking the wrong question all along? Instead of asking ‘why me,’ maybe I should be asking ‘what can I learn from this?'”

That’s when my journey of personal growth began. I read books about improving life skills like communication and setting boundaries. I listened to videos from teachers around the world. And then I worked with a life coach, and my perspective completely shifted. I stopped seeing myself as someone in constant struggle and negative emotions. Instead, I saw myself as Joana’s mom, caring for her despite her health challenges. I found peace in accepting our situation, and I felt genuinely happy and fulfilled.

This transformation was huge. I no longer needed outside circumstances to dictate my happiness because I realized I could control how I felt inside. It was then that I discovered my passion for helping others, to move from feeling lost, to taking charge of their lives.

Embracing My Passion

I'm truly excited about the work I do, which is why I'm proud to have a 100% client satisfaction rate. Since kicking off my coaching journey in 2019, I've led 8 Kickstart generations in 10 groups over the past 2 years. I've put in more than 700 hours of coaching and counting! Hosting 62 "Coffee with Maya" online sessions and going live for an audience of 70 has been a highlight. I also organized a successful personal development retreat and gave 2 online talks on time management and goal-setting. And guess what? There's an awesome project in the works with my team. I'll be sharing more details soon!

An Eager Learner

Learning is my thing, and I’m always eager to grow. Here’s a snapshot of my learning journey:

In 2019, I attended an engaging two-day workshop with Dr. Brice Lipton in Croatia.

2020 brought me to the NLP Hypnosis Fusion course by Orlando Zucchetto.

2022 was a year of inspiration as I joined Esther Hicks’ two-day workshop in Amsterdam.

In that same year, I took on the transformative Wild New World course with Martha Beck.

2023 was another high point as I participated in the Greator Festival in Cologne, featuring over 30 personal development experts, including Tony Robbins with an impactful 5-hour workshop. There’s more exciting learning on the horizon!

Learning Never Stops: I’m a dedicated learner, always diving into coaching courses, tuning into podcasts, and indulging in good reads. I soak up insights from Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Joe Dispenza, Esther Hicks, Louise Hay, Bruce Liptone, and others every single day.

A Peek into My Fun Side

Morning routine addict? Guilty as charged.

Italian food enthusiast? Absolutely!

Travel aficionado? My bucket list is getting shorter by the day.

Meeting new people? One of my joys. My goal: make 3 new friends every year.

And yes, setting goals has been my thing since my early 20s. The last 3 years have seen me successfully conquer my New Year's resolutions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far. Your interest means a lot!


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